You have Questions - We Have Answers

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Can you match colors?

Unlike paint, you can’t mix powder to change the color, however with the multitude of colors available today we almost certainly have a color already available.

What about holes and threads?

Unless otherwise specified, we will automatically tape, plug, and cap threads. If you have sensitive areas that need to be covered, we will tape them off with a high temperature tape.

Can you powdercoat over body filler?

It is not recommended. The Body filler tends to “out gas” which gives it little bubbles. However there is body filler available from one of our suppliers also JB weld is compatible, if you must use filler.

Can I get a gloss finish with powder coating?

Yes. Powder can range from 1% to 100% gloss.

I live in _______ (out of Edmonton) can I send it to you?

Of course, in fact many of customers are from all over Canada and even the United States!

Do you pick up or deliver?

Yes, we do offer this service. We have a flat deck truck that is 16 feet long.