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NASA originally invented Ceramic Coating as a protective coating for spacecraft heat shields to allow them to withstand the extreme fiery conditions experienced during Earth re-entry. The material’s ceramic components exhibit the property of high emissivity, which means the material tends to radiate heat. This allows the protective coating to reflect heat away from the surface it covers, thereby increasing the capability of materials to withstand temperature levels far beyond their normal range, at Impact Coatings Inc. we use Tech Line™ coatings the most common being CermaKrome™, which is a metallic ceramic coating that polishes to a near chrome finish. This finish can withstand a base metal temperature over 1300f. This coating can be applied to any metal that can withstand the cure temperature of 600f, except magnesium and pot metal. CermaKrome™ provides a 5000 hr salt spray corrosion resistance, protects from thermal fatigue, and provides a fantastic appearance to your parts. The underhood temperature of you car will be greatly reduced with Tech Line™ ceramic coatings on exhaust manifolds, headers and complete exhaust systems.  Not only does it protect and look great, but ceramic coatings also help performance. Ceramic coatings holds heat inside about 50% better than no coating at all which improves scavenging, engine breathing and lowers under-hood temperature in turn increasing horse power. It has been determined that engine efficiency improves by 1% for every 10°F degree drop in under-hood temperature. If we were to use this data, we could reasonably assume that we would obtain a 5 horsepower increase on a 500 horsepower engine. Where on a snowmobile a 40°F drop under your hood can add approximately 4 HP. Also there are many different eye catching finishes, including the chrome look of Cermakrome, black (flat, matte, gloss) white, titanium, silver and more.